Why is buying Vintage clothing more Ecofriendly?

Other than looking incredible, Vintage clothing has a great deal of benefits, for not just the environment but also for others across the world.

 Vintage clothing is the new distressed look you want to own at a fraction of the price.  Time and attention is put into the small details that produce high quality clothing.  Why pay for factory made, expensive and ordinary clothing when you can get one-of-a-kind pieces, that is unique to you in your wardrobe and that is affordable!

These timeless garments will not only make you feel good to wear but also aid the well-being of our planet. Every year globally 87% of the worlds clothing end up in landfills with only 12% being recycled because of this it’s been having detrimental effects to the well-fare of our world. Buying second hand can decrease your carbon footprint and not to mention easy on your pocket.

Buying secondhand clothing is the response to fast fashion that the world needs. Most brands produce their garments in major developing countries often leaving their workers with their rights stripped away from them as well as working in horrible conditions with poor pay. Buying second hand starts to dismantle this damaging system and disapproves of company’s exploitive ways.

These incredible looking pieces of the past, besides the obvious fact of them packing a mean punch when it comes to helping the environment and saving not just the planet but its people, also will look phenomenal on you.

We all would love to own clothing brands from Zara, Next and Levis to Gucci, Prada and Burberry. Buying secondhand clothes gives us the opportunity to own these kinds of brands without putting a dent in our pocket. We can walk in confidence and feel comfortable in the garments we buy. People have been taking pride in investing in vintage clothing and is becoming very popular amongst all walks of life as one can buy more for less.

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