Textile recycling growth in Pakistan

People are getting more aware of the challenges that our environment is facing these days. Thus, they are switching to eco-friendly options for a sustainable lifestyle. Even readily changing fashion has adverse effects of the environment. That's why we can reuse old clothes and style them as per trendy style and design to play our part to save the Earth.


In this blog, we'll be suggesting different ways to recycle your wardrobe.

Turn Your Favorite T-shirt into Duvet

Everyone has a favorite shirt which you don't want to let go no matter how torn it is. It could be a memorable piece of gift or something that accentuates your overall look. The best way to reutilize it is to make a duvet cover. All you have to do is cut, sew and put it on your duvet to give your bedroom a distinguished and personalized touch.

Cut Out Frames

Whether you have 90s band exclusive merchandise, football jerseys or highschool hoodies, you can convert them into a piece of art to decorate your home or office. Just cut the logo or specialized design from the shirt and stick it on the frame to keep it aligned.

Jeans to Shorts

If you're bored of wearing the same old jeans every time then you can even take it up a notch by trimming it down and turning them into shorts. You can start by measuring the length and then leaving the rest to fray.

You can even add some patterns and colors by sewing different patterned material for a funky and trendy outlook.

Utilize them as a curtain

If you’re tired of those worn out curtains then using your cotton sheets as one can be very creative of you. You can easily turn them into any curtain whether for your room or as shower curtains with a little bit of help and sewing skills. You only have to put an extra effort to make the seam by just folding the top of the bedsheet, adding a topper by stitching it. If you’re hanging it in your windows then all you have to do is insert the rods through the openings and just hang it.

Cute Dress from Loose Shirt

You can style any loose shirt by either cinching your waist with a belt or by sewing it with elastic to upcycle it. You can always attach extra material, lace or even glittery clothes for a fancy dress.