Major Benefits of Clothes Recycling

Clothes recycling are the new trend of today's world with many thrift stores and booming preloved items available in the market. Did you know that every type of clothing and fabric can be recycled? Since this knowledge isn't common, only around 0.1% people recycle their piece of clothing.

Read along to know the benefits of repurposing textile waste and its impact on life on Earth.

Saves Water

Around 700 gallons are used in the production of just one T-shirt. Although it includes the sowing and harvesting cotton, manufacturing, dying, and distributing process, it is a sufficient amount. While most people buy new shirts every month and toss the old ones every year, if we use shirts made of recycled materials it can save up to 99% water.

Reduces Pollution And Environmental Damage

As you know, most shirts made of natural fiber become the main source of producing methane and spewing greenhouse gases into our atmosphere for negatively affecting climate change. This can increase environment damage thus you can recycle clothes to participate in reducing pollution.

More Space In Your Wardrobe

If you have a busy schedule throughout the day then you won't have the time to manage your clutter. You can cater to this query just by reducing your purchase and spending more time transforming your old piece of clothing for better use.

You can switch the clutter with more space and creativity by reusing and recycling them into some exceptional items.

Saves Landfill Space

Around 200,000 tons of textile and fabric are being thrown every year in NewYork. This can totally mean that the textile waste added to the landfill space is increasing rapidly. According to a survey, it occupies around 6% of designated space. The area free to landfill can be utilized into several purposes which can only be achieved by circulating our old clothes or recycling them effectively.

Summing up

There are a million benefits when it comes to clothes recycling. By this you can not only achieve sustainability but also some effective utilization to make the environment useful. Although textile design is different for natural and synthetic recycling, it can help you declutter your space and make room for stuff that makes a difference.